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Author/Date filter: Create folder , Move to folder
07/08/2006 3:51pm
could anyone provide me an example filterscript for the
following need (im trying to guess, how to write it):

Field: Mail.Subject
Value: railo

Action: Create folder
Argument: /Posteingang/Inbox/<yyyymmdd>
Action: Move to folder
Argument: /Posteingang/Inbox/<yyyymmdd>
07/08/2006 9:35pm
I think this will need script support. I've just written a new scripting engine for i.Mage that I plan to port over to Scribe. It uses a javascript style syntax and intergrates fairly closely with the Lgi object model that Scribe uses so it should be quite good.

I will be doing that in the next version or 2 so when that happens we can revisit this issue. The script will look something like:

if (ConditionsMatch(Mail))
Path = "/Posteingang/Inbox/" + Mail.DateReceived.Year + Mail.DateReceived.Month + Mail.DateReceived.Day;
Folder = App.GetFolder(Path, true);
if (Folder)