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Author/Date GNU PG what I'have done wrong that it does not work???
Petr Pastor
07/09/2006 6:51pm
I have bought Scribe about a year ago, Ive played with plugin PGP. I've installed plugin utoPGP and GNUPGP correctly and succesfully. Ive downloaded GNU PGP for windows XP Version 1.4.5 . I've installed it to offered dirr. in /program files/.... and I've instaled it to directory of my Scribe as well. But whenewer I try to sign an email or crypt/ decrypt always I'm awarded only the same stupid message can't fint gpg[.exe]. This happends with every single version of Scribe and plugin I've ever tried. I have done everything in according with all accesible informations I was able to dig out of the Scribe/ inscibe webpages. Can anyone tell me where is the problem??????


Petr Pastor
07/09/2006 9:43pm
One way of getting Scribe to find gpg.exe is to set the a registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GNUPG called "gpgProgram" as a string that contains the full path of gpg.exe

Can you check if that key is in your registry?
Petr Pastor
08/09/2006 5:17am
Thanks, I,ve found the forum yesterday nad after my message I went through forum Scribe and I found this info about the key I have added the key into the registry and it works. It shoul be by my oppinion mentioned in the help page to Scribe.

I have an USB security token with privet and public key of the certificate for digital sign. How can I implement this cert into PGP ?


Petr Pastor
08/09/2006 11:59am
I've just went through webpage of GNU PG trying get informed about gpg. I'm not shure if gpg is the right toool I need for signing my e-mails. I have an certificate from czech certification authority and I need to sign certain e-mails with it to be sure that later Ican proof wheter or not those email were mine or altered by someone else. I'd like to know if gpg can work with the crt. authoritie's certificates or not.

I would apreciate if the Scribe has Archive facility to create archive files by certain period of time months years and so on.

I like this cliet for its portability and independance especialy that I can cary all my mails on USB memmory stick on my keyring all the time.