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04/10/2006 8:05am
Dear fReT,

First, thank you very much for having developed this program along with i.Disk. I use this program both on my USB key and on my home computer.

I have tried to replace this program several times with FileZilla (and FileZilla Portable), thinking that FileZilla was more robust and had more options, but I find that i.FTP does exactly what I need and is smaller and simpler to use. I have therefore deleted all copies of FileZilla from my computer and USB key. This is especially true since the version 1.99 or whichever version implemented the password "encryption" in the .xml file.

Second, I was wondering if you could implement (in your spare time, of course) a "keep alive" option on the next version of i.FTP? The 60 second limit is a bit inconvenient. There was another post on this a long time ago, but it went unanswered.

Again, thank you very much for your efforts. CD
04/10/2006 9:37am
What do you mean by keep alive?

Do you want to vary the time between the "noop" command?

Or do something else on idle?
04/10/2006 11:33am
Thank you for your quick reply. I did not know there was a command sent every so often. All I know is that after 60 seconds of nonactivity, I get disconnected from my server.

FileZilla allows for a "dummy" command to be sent every 30 to 60 seconds (at random) to ensure that the connection stays "alive".

Thank you again. CD
05/10/2006 4:46am
Bug entry for this: Bug #117.
05/10/2006 9:21am
Thank you.