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Author/Date Settings lost after OS freeze
09/10/2006 2:34pm

After my Windows XP SP2 froze and I restarted the computer, all of i.Scribe's settings ware put back to factory defaults. I have already been able to re-add my mail folder, so no real harm is done, but do not know my e-mail login data and I have no other way to recover it than to find the data that i.Scribe seems to have lost.

How can I get my settings/account settings back after the program has inexplicably reset them to default?
09/10/2006 8:59pm
Those settings are stored in 'scribe.r' and it probably was corrupted in the crash. This used to happen more often in win98, but it's still posible in current windows versions. If Scribe is writing it's settings out at the time windows crashes you can lose all you settings. And you've worked out how to fix it already. It's annoying but also very rare.
10/10/2006 11:39am
Too bad.

Maybe an automatic backup function of the .r file could help avoud this in the future. This is extremely frustrating for me because I am basically completely unable to get at my e-mails, possibly forever.
10/10/2006 11:50am
Didn't you say you could open the mail folders and read your old mail? It's stored in folders.mail2 and you can open that using File -> Open Mail Store.
10/10/2006 12:00pm
Nah, I mean new mail.

But thank heavens I tried a whole torrent of passwords and I got my pop3 connection back up. I really have to remember to write these things down.

Anyway, an automatic update might still be a convenient thing to have.