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Author/Date please add spam assasin
15/10/2006 10:10pm
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15/10/2006 11:58pm
You call yourself "spammer"... so you spam people?

Spamassassin is a server side module that intergrates with a mail server. It is not some sort of plugin for an email client like Scribe. What I suspect that you want is someway of filtering email that has been processed with Spamassassin. Which is easy enough, Scribe can do that already.

From what I understand Spamassassin puts a "X-Spam-Flag" header in the email. So what you can do is write a filter to check that header and do something to the spam. For instance I would try creating a filter that has the condition:

"mail.InternetHeader[X-Spam-Flag]" contains "YES"

Then give that filter an action to "Move To Folder = /spam" and then see what that does.