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16/10/2006 2:05am
Hi Matthew,

Could you note which files should/should not be replaced so as not to lose ISP account info and other settings when one is updating the program ? I have InScribe on a memory stick, so I don't want to install, just copy the necessary files.

If this info is on your site, I'm just not finding it. Thanks.
16/10/2006 2:07am
If you install a new version to the same folder as your current install nothing will be lost. Just shut down scribe, install new version, start scribe and your upgrade. If your paranoid then you can back up 'scribe.r' (your settings) and 'folders.mail2' (all your email and contacts).

After doing an install, you can delete the uninstall.exe and it'll be the same as if you had copied the files from installing it elsewhere.
16/10/2006 7:11pm