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Author/Date How many BCC people can I send to?
18/10/2006 1:22pm
I have a mailing list of about 200 people and when I try to send an email with iscribe it just pops open a box with the list of people whenever I send the message. It doesn't actully send it... at least I don't think that it is sending it. What is the limit in this field?

Thanks in advance
19/10/2006 1:20pm
Nobody knows the limitation on this field?
19/10/2006 10:33pm
Can get the connection log for the send?

If you try and send, then open the status panel, click your account, click the log tab, right click on the log entries and copy to clipboard. I'd like to see whats going on in the log. Email it to me if you don't want it posted here.