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Author/Date HTTP Proxy: can't get it to work
20/10/2006 6:31pm

I am on a PC which uses a proxy server (Jana Server) to be able to access the Internet.

I set up inScribe (1.89 test 5 (or 7?)) to use the HTTP proxy: But inScribe won't access neither POP or SMTP.

Other programs, such as Firefox, Miranda-IM, IE Explorer, Free Download Manager etc. work OK with this proxy setup.

The proxy server is set up to proxy HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, etc. Although SMTP and POP ports are different than the HTTP port (3128), I shouldn't be using them, because I'm not using the proxy server as a POP or SMTP server.

But I tried changing the port to the POP and SMTP ports (110 and 25, I think), but it still doesn't work.

I read about POP Over HTTP, but I don't thint that's realy what I need. Specially as it is only on some PCs on the secondary network (on the main network = direct connection).

Can I use inScribe to use this proxy, or am I wrong and need POP over HTTP?