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Author/Date problems with aspell plug-in
20/10/2006 9:58pm
Inscribe 1.89 test 7

I upgraded the aspell plugin when I upgraded inscribe, but it is now impossible to configure the chosen language, it just sticks to en-usa : any ideas anyone?
26/10/2006 10:49am
- BUMP -
I know I should have posted this in the plugin section, but I'd like a reply anyway, the spell-checker is very importnat (sorry, important) for me.
29/10/2006 12:07pm
Remove the plugin and re-add it. When it askes you to choose between "text pipe" and "spell checker", choose "text pipe".

Ideally this option would disappear, but it's exposing 2 different API's to Scribe. The text pipe API is more generic. For instance the gpg encryption plugin uses that too. I've been looking at making the spell checker intergrate with the editor and it needs a specific spell checker API, as opposed to the generic text pipe API. It's not really used properly yet, although the spam filter benifits from having a spell checker loaded.
29/10/2006 12:32pm
Thanks fRet and sorry about the moans.
I tried what you suggested and it still won't stick - the configure menu is there where you can choose another language but it won't stick, it always comes back to eng-us.
It looks as if the plugin can't find the other dictionaries
29/10/2006 9:10pm
Ok, yes this is a bug. I've reproduced it and I'll fix it for the next release.
29/10/2006 9:53pm
Thanks fRet.