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the gladiator
15/11/2006 6:16pm
Itís enough time now that Iím using Scribe for my personal mailing to say that the application is EXACTLY what I was looking for: thin, essential, robust AND, at the same time, with sophisticated functionalities that an expert user of an email system can look for.

I would like now to know (may be a blog would be the correct place for this discussion) the strategic path that the Author (thanks a lot for this masterpiece of software) has in his mind. I believe that would be interesting to know also what the other users suggest. I would strongly recommend to aim for AN EMAIL PLATFORM, open to be integrated with EXTERNAL application such as:
- editors
- dictionaries
- spell checkers
- antivirus
- antispam
- etc
rather than to compete in each of the previous field
15/11/2006 11:56pm

I'd like to support intergrating with HTML editors, but none of the decent ones support hosting in another application. If you can prove me wrong I'll add support for it.

dictionaries, spell checkers

I support intergrating with the aspell checker and dictionaries via a plugin. I havn't written my own engine. Aspell works well for me, it's at least as good as the M$ checker.


Is there some standard API for intergrating with a PIM application? No? Well what exactly would I be trying to support?

Scribe does have it's own basic PIM functions. There are known defiencies but I'm working on that as well.

antivirus, antispam

Most anti-virus / anti-spam products can sit between Scribe and the servers and filter out junk already. I don't believe I need to do anything to support 3rd party filters.