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24/11/2006 8:34pm
Hi all. Hi fReT.

I'm a proud InScribe user (currently v1.88). But I have now a little problem I can't solve.

Problem is:
I packed a folders.mail2 file in zip file and copied it on a floppy. After arriving I had to recognize that the floppy had a defect (only 1 sektor - 512 byte) yet I had to repair the zip file after I (finaly) got it from the disk.
Now I can extract the file but now InScribe tells me that the Inbox is defective and it would like to 'repair it or remove the bad entries' . While the repair doesn't really work the remove bad entries does neither but it at least InScribe doesn't start with failure msg again than :).

Well the thing is when I look into the folders.mail2 file (txt editor) I see the headers of the mails and binary code(?) yet because the eMails I polled were with attachements (PDFs), so I would like to extract at least those.

So my Question:
Can I somehow get onto those?

Well thanks in advance for your time and efforts.


25/11/2006 9:43am
Down the bottom of this page there is a bit of recovering folders. Have a go at following that.
25/11/2006 5:19pm

Thanks for your fast reply, that I didn't see the link to this page *smacking the head*

Well, even though Folderdump didn't help, at least now I know there is nothing left to salvage. Sad, but life. The Lesson: Never trust another ones FDD!

Lots of thanks again.