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Author/Date Mail import from Thunderbird ans Spam filter
27/11/2006 5:59pm
Hello, I have a few issues with the otherwise great program the iScribe is.

1) When importing mail, if a folder being imported happens to have a significant name (e.g. Inbox, Sent), it's impossible to delete it. So you basically end up with two folders with the same name. Workaround is to rename folder in Thunderbird or move emails to diiferent one before import.

2) For this one I found no fix (few words on Bayesian filter):

a) If 'English' language is chosen, the filter ignores user-specified folder
and crates "Spam" folder, using it to store messages marked as spam.

b) If I choose "Polish" language, iScribe goes into frenzy, creating another
"Spam" folder for _each_ spam message.

3) Is there any way to turn iScribe into textmode _only_? No styles, no colored words, just plain text with user-specified font?

But enough whining, iScribe is a great mail client!