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Author/Date 1.89 Test 8 - Painful migration
01/12/2006 9:35am

Thanks for releasing Test 8. I like some of the features that you have implemented or corrected already. Only real fault I can already identify is the windows are incorrectly cropping in the Options and Account Properties windows (will submit to bugzilla).

However, is there no chance of a little app to migrate from Test 7 to Test 8. I am lucky and copy the old version to a backup before running the new (as you suggest but I doubt everyone will!). However, unless I'm being dumb (certainly not unheard of), when I started Test8 for the first time, I had a polite little message tell me none of my passwords, ISPs or Window settings would be imported. Ow, that hurts with 12 e-mail accounts to manually re-enter the settings for - and try to remember all the passwords. I was also asked to re-enter my InScribe key - which (of course) is an e-mail in InScribe. It meant running both versions for 1/2 hour doing hundreds of copy-pastes!

Great App - really impressed (Especially by size since nearest competitor (Portable Thunderbird) is 25MB!!), but not impressed by latest migration tactics!

01/12/2006 9:42am
All the account settings except the passwords should come across fine. Or at least when I tested the code they did. I should have got the InScribe key to migrate across. I forgot about that.

At least it's not crashing for you. One of my other testers is getting crashes on startup. Although I'm betting thats just old plugins.
01/12/2006 10:00am

Thanks for that. You're indeed right that it isn't crashing - that is certainly good (although I have always found your releases stable (Thank the Lord!)).

I also apologise. I thought I would test it again in response to your post and you are right it does migrate. In fact, even the key migrates and I have realised what I did wrong!

When you first start Scribe after installing the new version, I have a message box that asks

The format of the settings file has changed from previous versions.
Do you want to import settings from '(null)'?

I didn't like the idea of importing Null values so clicked No - this causes all the problems! Clicking Yes and the whole lot works a treat.

Sorry about mis-reporting! - A kind suggestion would be to add a text file / window on installer saying "To upgrade...." Again, sorry if this has already been done and I've missed something but someone else might as well!!

01/12/2006 4:46pm
Everything went fine here, except for the passwords and the Inscribe registration key migration, though I did manage to crash it when previewing without being online, but I suppose that's almost normal (who'd want to do that anyway?) - AND the Aspell plugin works this time - thanks !
01/12/2006 6:50pm
I can confirm the crash when doing a "Preview" without a connection.
Interested in a snapshot?