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Author/Date v1.89 test8 - - - Great!
01/12/2006 2:18pm
Having missed a few upgrades, I upgraded to 1.89 test8 on my stick and I'm delighted!

Having first tried an install into a new folder and then copying there the mailfolder plus some others (as I did with previous upgrades) failed. So I made a backup and simply installed over the old version. As mentioned in the previous post I was also slightly irritated to import a null value, but I dared and all except the mailbox passwords were imported painlessly. Bravo!

However, I now have in the folder some remainders from the previous version which, I think, would be better cleaned up. I'm just not sure what I can delete without worries and would appreciate instructions. In general, I think it would be a good idea to post instructions for an upgrade and to send a link to that page together with the notification email announcing new versions.

A few immediate observations:

- can now send without any glitch from gmail account - finally!!!
- permanent "From" field - a real relief!
- new Filter conditions form - looks interesting, but haven't tested it yet

Still to improve:
- had the impression that the prog takes longer to load (on stick) than before
- blinking envelope still lacks a switch off
- is there a way to force InScribe to stick with a language? It always seems to switch to the main language on the computer (not thoroughly tested, but since I live in Ethiopia I'd expect rather weird results ...)
- still no user/pw field for http-proxy

But all in all - real improvements and so far no problems with stability! Keep up the good work!