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Author/Date reply problems with test 9 - and some other bugs
03/12/2006 6:35pm
Inscribe 1.89 test9

When trying to either "reply", "reply all" or "forward", this is what appears in the message window :


---------- Original Message ----------
To: lt;[0].namegt; (lt;[0].emailgt;)
From: lt;mail.from.namegt; (lt;mail.from.emailgt;)
Subject: lt;mail.subjectgt;
Date: lt;mail.datesentgt;

lt;mail.bodyastext quote=scribe.quotegt;

Another one :

if you open a new reduced email window then add the "from" field, then go full screen, the message window stays small, but if then you close the "from" field the "from" button disappears but the message window is full size and you can't get the "from" button back again.

Thirdly, in the "new email" window, there's a small problem with the icon with text sizes.
04/12/2006 4:19am
Same problem with the reply and forward fields; I had to recreate them from scratch in the Options>General format fields for each using the old settings from an earlier working copy of Scribe. Guess the translation routine for the new ScribeOptions.xml file messed up.
04/12/2006 1:34pm
In case anybody needs something so they can reply again:

This is a working reply/forward format


---------- Original Message ----------
To: <[0].name> (<[0].email>)
From: <> (<>)
Subject: <mail.subject>
Date: <mail.datesent>

<mail.bodyastext quote=scribe.quote>