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Author/Date send over gmail failed - but i can normal recieve
06/12/2006 6:44pm
i tries send email over gmail account to - and get next messagebox

We're rejected by the server:
No 'from' address in email.
Server error message:
No 'from' address in email.

help me pls.. i'm just uninstalled thunderbird :)

12/12/2006 7:58am
I just saw your message and although it was several days ago (and you've probably figured it out yourself) I will post my answer.
Gmail's server seems to check the validity of the email format being sent. Therefore it required a proper "From" address. So when you are composing your email, make sure you click on the "+" on the "From" box (usually top left, if it's not already displayed) and make sure that your email address is there. If it's not, use the drop down button to choose one of your email addresses. Now Gmail shouldn't complain any more...
03/01/2007 12:08pm
just fill-up the IDENTITY tab ok!!