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07/12/2006 7:24am
The new "xml" versions caused nothing but distress, to be honest.
Scribe forgot the settings, the account password.

If you press reply or forward the the message is not displayed as quoted anymore. You just see a few strange XML? tags.

XML does nothing for the users in my opinion, but improvements like note objects, or "outlook" style icon bar on the left side to seperarate the different main trees, or shared mails/adresses without the need to have the server program, that would be real improvements for everydays work.

Another thing would be having an html editor (or at least an rtf editor). I don't think commercial users all miss that option because a) they want to have better formatting and b) because outlook, foxmail, smartmail, blablamail can do why not Scribe.

Scribe is an excellent program, but took a long time to become stable.
The last 2 releases made all the obvious effort worthless. Nobody wants to "wait" for a stable release, but everybody wants (naturally) to have the latest version with all the features. This problem is well known.

If a somewhat buggy version comes with loads of new usability and features (things which people can actually use like 'notes' better 'adress management' or whatever) then they tend to accept bugs much more easily.

Having a really nice XML config file... sorry, no. That feature is not nearly as interesting as having a object type or real new GUI enhancements.

Scribe is excellent, But there could be more "nice" enhancements instead of only the necessary technical stuff.


07/12/2006 12:09pm
one thing at a time.
some test releases have technical stuff, others have "nice" enhancements.

I dont wat 'nice', i want 'good', and that takes technical test releases.
If you want stable, get the version where is says "stable" and not "test".

just my opinion,
09/12/2006 5:15am
I understand your point of view. The last 2 releases have had less in the way of features and more under the hood stuff. Beyond the change to XML config there are lots of bugs getting fixed. At the moment it seems like 1 step forward and 2 back, but it does pave the way for some new and interesting features in the near future. If I hadn't done these releases I would've been stuck with ratty architecture in some places limited future possibilities.

I did prefix the notification emails with a suitable warning, and maybe I should make some more obvious release notes / comments. I'll keep that in mind for future releases.

Almost all the issues in test8 and test9 have either been fixed or suspected fixed in the dev build. But we'll only know for sure with test10. I'm moving out of bug fixing and back into feature mode around about now.
09/12/2006 5:17am
There is no reason you can't stick with test7, although SSL is broken in that release (test6 if you need SSL). It's reasonably current in the scheme of things.