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Author/Date Import from thunderbird to scribe
unhappy thunderbirder
10/12/2006 10:14pm
how, please?
10/12/2006 11:00pm
I'm about to look into that for someone else anyway. I thought that thunderbird uses MBOX files which Scribe can import using drag and drop, however if I remember rightly they need to have their extension changed to ".mbox" before the import works. You'll need to find the mbox folders in your file explorer first.
20/12/2006 2:30am
Current version of Thunderbird has the inbox file here:
C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\Mail\{account}\

There are two files for inbox. You want the one that doesn't have an extension.

Add the extension .mbox i.e Inbox becomes Inbox.mbox Then drag that file to the folder where you want the emails to appear. Don't forget to remove the extension when your done.

Worked first time for me. Now I can get everything moved over!