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Author/Date Inscribe 1.89 test9 sending error
11/12/2006 4:43pm
Whenever I send a new message (or reply/foreward an old one) on test 9 the message sends but as soon as it's gone Inscibe pops up a debug message and shuts down. The crashdata log contains the following;

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:

Turns out that the mail is sent properly but the program just crashes afterwards. Any ideas?

I'm running on XP-SP2 using TLS for send & SSL for receive.
14/12/2006 8:28pm
This is still happening in test 10.
14/12/2006 8:38pm
Can you download the debug build:

And the debug DLL's:

And unzip both into the same folder. Setup a basic install of Scribe and get it to crash? Then send me the crashdata.txt or post it here.
14/12/2006 11:40pm
Do you have a debug build of InScribe? I've currently got 5 accounts in use.
15/12/2006 12:11am
Uploading it now. Check the customer download site.
15/12/2006 4:08pm
Interesting results. The debug build was giving the exact same error message with no added info. I tried sending from different accounts and discovered that only one caused this problem. The log file for that account ended like this:

354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
250 2.0.0 kBFEp179011113 Message accepted for delivery
221 2.0.0 closing connection
SSL connection closed.

No other error information but the part about ending with a "." was different than the other accounts.
16/12/2006 2:08am
So the crashdata.txt is blank of useful information?

Can you switch on the "Output debug trace statements" in the debug options, run the SSL connection, crash it and then post me the "Scribe.txt" file please?
16/12/2006 6:01am
The CrashData file only contains multiple copies of the same message I already posted. Here is the content of Scribe.txt after a crash;

Send(1) got 1 mail to send
Send(1) connecting to SMTP server
Send(1) connected
Send(1) Item(0) starting send
Send(1) Item(0) success
Send(1) posting WM_SCRIBE_THREAD_ASK
Main(1) WM_SCRIBE_THREAD_ITEM end, receive=0
Main(1) WM_SCRIBE_THREAD_ASK start, receive=0
Main(1) WM_SCRIBE_THREAD_ASK end, receive=0
Send(1) closing
17/12/2006 3:41am
I've put a build of InScribe called "Test11" on the customer download site, can you try it out and see if it fixes the SSL crash?
17/12/2006 5:18am
Ran test 11 through many Send, Forward and Reply cycles from both the 'problem' and normal accounts - not a single whimper! Looks like you got it!
17/12/2006 5:51am

Great well I'll finish up some other bits and peices and make a proper release out of it. So the real Test11 will be a tiny bit different than the build your using but probably won't matter for you much.

Thanks for being so responsive and helpful.