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23/12/2006 10:31pm
Today I installed test11 (InScribe). Works fine except for the filters: they don't work anymore. Did I miss something? Is there a workaround?
23/12/2006 10:52pm
Try redownloading it, I fixed a filter issue in the first 12-24hrs and re-uploaded it.
23/12/2006 11:27pm
I redownloaded en re-installed, but it does not solve the problem. What else can I do? (I know I can go back to test10 - see what that does.)
24/12/2006 5:06am
You should turn on logging in the filter menu. Also to reduce the noise, move all the filter other than the one your trying to test into another folder. Then select an email you know should match the filter and hit F8. That should give us a log of just the 1 filter <-> email test. Rather than hundreds. Then either look at FilterLog.txt or send to me for analysis.
26/12/2006 4:10pm
how do i edit a filter(s)?