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24/12/2006 5:21am

Are icons #23, 27, and 36 of _toolbar.gif in use? I'm trying my hand at a new set and I can't seem to figure out what goes there.

Also, is Lgi.conf still in use?

25/12/2006 8:18pm
Happy Holidays Fret and InScribe users! I was making a new set of toolbar icons( _toolbar.gif )for myself and since I really don't think my skills are anything to write home about I wasn't going to post it. But I thought I would share it anyway. It's not 'really' a complete since there are three icons that I don't know what they do and it's only the one icon set. They are marked "NA" if you open the img file and take a look.

You can find it here:

If you want to use it please don't forget to back up your existing toolbar file first!

I would appreciate any constructive comments.
15/01/2007 4:33am
Awesome job Ken!

I love i.Scribe, but never liked the default icon set.
Your icons look great, I'm now using them as my default tool-bar.

- Darren
15/01/2007 5:43am
Thanks Darren!