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Author/Date Can we have a way to delete Spam?
13/01/2007 2:21pm
Can we have a way to delete Spam without it being transfered to the Trash folder? Because i like to keep a few months worth of proper deleted emails and dont want that cluttered with spam. Thanks.
13/01/2007 9:02pm
Doesn't the spam button move it to the "/Spam" folder?
13/01/2007 9:53pm
Yes it does, but how can i delete files from the Spam folder without them being moved into the trash folder first?
13/01/2007 10:03pm
There is no way to do that currently.

I think people have talked about adding a Shift modifier to the delete command to delete immediately, by passing the trash. Would you like something like that?
13/01/2007 10:20pm
That would be very cool, yes i would liek that. :o)
14/01/2007 10:16am
Same here! A keyboard shortcut like Shift+Del would be excellent.

About keyboard shortcuts - I couldn't find a full list in the documentation, is there a reference with all shortcuts available? (I'm a keyboard guy and want to learn them all from the beginning..)
16/01/2007 6:44am
we could allways make our own list in the forum:
like CTRL+ P / CTRL+N on an opened email: for previous and next message.
17/01/2007 2:13pm
also wolud be nice to have an option like clear trashmail on exit a clear spam folder on exit
02/04/2007 10:21pm
no spam here: