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Author/Date Small request....and a question
16/01/2007 8:59pm
Test 11 is working well for me; sounds like the final version will be great.
My request is to have an option which allows selection of the SMTP server to be linked to chosen identity; I'd like 'home' mail to be sent only from that account, not from a default server (All of my accounts run on SSL and any SMTP server is available from anywhere). A display at the top showing which identity is currently selected would be good too.

Now the question; a while back you were thinking about changing to a new mailbox format. Is that still in the works? If so, when?

Thanks for all of your efforts!
16/01/2007 9:23pm
There is an option on the identity tab of each account called "Only send through this server" which forces email being sent on that account to go through the associated SMTP server.

As soon as the stable build is out (this month) I plan to rip into the storage back end. I can't do that and maintain the current stability.
17/01/2007 3:12am
Thanks for the quick reply. I've used the 'send through this account' setting and this works fine for 'reply' messages. New messages seem to revert to the default SMTP server setting (but not every time...).