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19/01/2007 5:50am
When I press web-link = all links open in SAME windows (one for all),
Could you make that every web-link open in NEW windows (its own)
24/01/2007 4:11am
I install Scribe_html.dll - no problems for mail in html format, but If mail in text-format with web-links = all links open in ONE window

2. I set in options 'No log', but InScribe makes Log-file Scribe.txt with logs, in any case

In log-file I see
C:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeApp.cpp:8170 - No option 'Folder-7'
What is it?
24/01/2007 5:00am
1) This behaviour is defined by the web browser, not Scribe. Most browsers have a setting somewhere to modify this. For instance I use Firefox and it will open each new link in a separate tab.

2) The scribe.txt file is a debugging log, as opposed to the setting in the debug tab which is a connect log... different logs. You can't turn off the scribe.txt logging. It shouldn't be in the final release, just test builds.

3) I think I've removed that in more recent releases. But in any case I think Folder-7 is the calendar folder.