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19/01/2007 5:21pm
Since installing Internet Exployer Version 7.0.5730.11
i.Scribe has been crashing anytime I open a HTML email & close that email, I have been using with scribe_html.dll dated novmber 25, 2005.
I am using v1.88 Final (m3) Release. Once I remove Scribe_html.dll from my system, I have not had any other problems with i.scribe.

I do not mind NOT using scribe_html but some friends do use it.

Has anyone reported this problem?

19/01/2007 10:11pm
Yes we had a big bug hunt on this very issue in December. But I hadn't updated the download it seems.

But now I have. I've put v1.88-m5 online with updated downloads for the v1.88 plugins, so if you re-download everything for v1.88 things should now work.
19/01/2007 11:07pm
Download new files, installed and all is well with three different users.
Thanks for quick reply.