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24/01/2007 12:07pm
A few days ago I was searching for the tiny e-mail client, for one of old notebooks at my work. I found i.Scribe and I was quite impressed with it's lightweight style and features set. But for now I have one major problem: our mail server (ESMTP Exim 4.50) wants STLS command for POP3, but STARTTLS for SMTP (we are using STARTTLS SSL on standart ports 110 & 25). So I'm able to send mail, but unable to recieve. Here is the log:

Using 'C:\Program Files\Scribe\ssleay32.dll'
Using 'C:\Program Files\Scribe\libeay32.dll'
Connected to ''
+OK Qpopper (version 4.0.5) at starting. <>
-ERR Unknown command: "starttls".
Connection closed.

So, would like to have option in i.Scribe, to choose, what string it should send to server.

Digitally yours, BLiTZ
25/01/2007 1:47pm
Well, I've defeated this problem by myself ... Never underestimate a power of disassembling, debugging & hex-editing ... If anyone else need this workaround, mail me ...

Anyway, very nice piece of software, Thank you for it ...

Digitally yours, BLiTZ