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Author/Date Contacts folder pains
24/01/2007 5:51pm
Not a very serious anomaly but a bit annoying, or at least it was until I realized what was happening and how to avoid it :

I have the main CONTACTS folder and have created various sub-folders containing groups of contacts (I don't use the GROUPS option, it's clumsy and needs sorting out Fret...).

So an example looks like this :


That is to say that /business is a sub-folder of /contacts but /family is a sub-sub-folder of /contacts.
OK, but now say I right-click on /business to e-mail the business group, then all the contacts in /family are added to the /business list in the TO window in a new e-mail. This may seem logical to some people but it's not for me.

So either there's something to be rectified or I'll just have to do with only sub-folders and no sub-sub-folders - shame, I had it all nicely classified.