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04/02/2007 4:27pm
Hi Fret,
When I started up InScribe (189 test 11) this morning my ScribeOptions.xml file had been wiped clean. The mail file was still there but all account settings were gone.

I have InScribe set to run during start up and I typically let it close with the computer shutting down.

Nothing in the crash data either. Do you know what could have happened? It was working fine when I went to bed.

Thanks. I'm off to reestablish my mail accounts now....
04/02/2007 8:46pm
Thats unusual. This is the first I've heard of that happening. I'm not sure on how to work on that problem, because it's probably hard to make happen again. But if it does maybe we should set up a build that logs changes to the options.
04/02/2007 10:31pm
Thanks, I'm going to pay special attention to things for the time being and make regular back-ups of the account options and mail store.

I'll let you know if it happens again to be sure. =)

07/02/2007 2:19pm
Every so often Scribe will crash and when I start up I will be greeted by a "Please enter your serial number" message and all of my settings are lost. If I delete the new setup XML and restart it will convert my old setting file and things will be up and running again (minus my passwords). This has been happening for several builds now (and actually, the crash and lose settings thing has been happening since before the XML change)
12/02/2007 6:17am
For the next release I'm going to add some sanity checking in the code that writes the options. Just to check there is something sensible to write. I will also be doing debug builds for anybody who'll actually run them. If you can crash Scribe regularly and you're prepared to persist with getting to the bottom of the problem I'm happy to make a debug build and get your feedback.

I'm also thinking of renaming old options files instead of overwriting them, so there is a history of sorts in your Scribe folder. Obviously I'd need to cap the number of backup versions but it could make recovery from a fatal error fairly painless.
12/02/2007 11:19pm
I'm up for some crash testing but as this post mentioned I have no idea what I did but I can play with it and see what happens. Will you have to add extra code or can Scribe be put into debug mode with a command line switch?