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Author/Date test 12 mail stays on server
08/02/2007 1:32am
Hi Fret,

Test 12 seems to be not deleting mail on the server after it retrieves messages.
"Leave messages on server" is not checked for either of the 3 mail accounts I have but I keep getting same messages after a receive.

Are there any other account settings that would prohibit a full "receive and delete" from the server?
08/02/2007 1:49am
I'll have a look into it. I've been using delete after 5 days, so maybe there is a problem I havn't noticed yet.
10/02/2007 2:05am
I deleted the mail that kept being retrieved from the net mail interfaces and the repeats stopped. The mail I had downloaded with Scribe was still in the net mail interface as if it hadn't been retrieved but once I deleted it there it stopped coming in.

I then sent a test mail to the account and it (Scribe) retrieved and deleted as it was designed to. Weird... maybe it was a server thing?

I should note that my manual backups of the mail store and setting file were performed with a simple select > copy > paste : resulting in the standard Windows "Copy of ......." files with no extension renaming. I moved those files to a separate folder before the test mail went out. So as another test I moved the files back to the root dir and sent another test email. Everything worked as advertised.

I think we may be able to chalk it up to something I did or didn't do right. This was all right after my settings disappeared (from the other post).