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Author/Date Windows notifications (snarl support)
21/02/2007 4:21am
Is this something that Scribe could implement?

21/02/2007 5:00am
I wouldn't add it to the base package but it's definately something that could be added with a script and some event handlers. The current release doesn't have a mail received event that you can hook a script up to but I can add it easily enough.

This is a perfect example of what the new scripting engine will do.
21/02/2007 12:07pm

According to Chris (main developer for snarl) nothing needs to be added to the base code. A dll created that tells snarl what to wait for and how to display it is all that's needed. But I understand what you're saying about not having anything to hook into for notifications.

Still, scribe mail notifications in a pretty little alpha blended window with or with out accompanied graphics would be neat. Especially if all (well 95%) of the work is already done for you.

Something to keep in mind. Thanks!