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Author/Date Systray double vision
28/02/2007 1:33am
This is an ongoing systray bug of sorts that only appears when I am running snarl( It's not high on my importance list but I thought I would put it out to see what kind of suggestions I can get.

InScribe doesn't act up until I run snarl. Whenever snarl and InScribe are running I get two visual instances of InScribe in the systray. One has a menu and hovertip, the other only has a hover tip with no menu. Attempting to produce a menu off the second one doesn't do anything so nothing crashes (that's good), hence the reason it isn't high on my list.

It only happens (so far) if snarl starts after InScribe and when I close InScribe the second icon doesn't disappear until the mouse enters it's "graphical" area in the systray. If I close Snarl I'm stuck with two InScribe icons until i close that too.

Snarl is written in VB6 -- if that helps.

I have posted to the snarl forum as well. I'm just looking for suggestions.

Any thoughts? Thanks!