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Author/Date Bayesian crash on first work list
03/03/2007 10:06am
Hi. New to inScribe. It has saved my bacon and I love it.

I follow your instructions to the letter but inScribe crashes when I try to make a work list in the Bayesian filter. It comes up with an exception error and crashes. I get hundreds of spam a day so I need to get this filter working ASAP.

I have v1.89 Test 9 release. Do I have to go back to an earlier version of inScribe?

05/03/2007 10:07am
I have had no answer so I will assume I have asked a really stupid question. I miss-spelled 'word' as 'work' in the title and question so that may have put you off.

So, I have inScribe v1.89 Test Release 9. I'm new to Scribe so I just downloaded what I thought was the latest working release. I guess 'Test' really does mean 'test'. I have over a thousand spam in my spam folder now, put there by clicking the spam button. I have Bayesian Filtering set to Training Mode. When I click 'Rebuild Bayesian Word Lists' to create my database I get a dialog box that says:

Error: Exception
Unhanlded Exception
Code: c0000005
Call stack:

InScribe then crashes after pressing any of the three buttons the dialog box presents: Yes, No or Cancel.

Assuming my above supposition about my question my plan is to go back to the last stable version of inScribe and try that. Yes, no? If you don't hear from me then it must have worked.

Too Stupid For Support
05/03/2007 10:11am
I'd try the latest build (test12) first. I know there were some issues around the time test9 was released. Let me know how that goes...
05/03/2007 11:10am
Test 12 did the same thing. Then I installed v1.88 and that worked. Only it put all my email in a random folder. It took a while to find it. Then I realized the filters must not be backwards compatible (I made the filters in v1.89 Test 9). The filters ran before the spam filter and put all the mail in the random folder (I presume). That's cool. I can redo the filters. I'm just glad its working. I think inScribe is worth the trouble (am when I'm more hatted on the protocols and scripting I know I'm going to have a lot of fun). Despite the initial trouble I love it.

One question. In v1.88 I'm left with no email addresses. Is there a way to export my Identity from v1.89 and import it (with my identity settings) into v1.88?
08/03/2007 4:38am
You'll have to setup your account's identities manually. The settings format has changed since, so I don't think you'll be able to import them from a later version.

I suspect the bug in the rebuild word lists is some corrupt data in an email that causes Scribe to choke.
08/03/2007 8:19am
Yeah, I've set up all my email addresses manually again. Practice makes perfect. I have it all working perfectly now. I cannot believe how FAST inscribe downloads and processes data. Coming from Outlook I did not think it possible. Amazing.

Do you mean that one of my emails (perhaps some malware) could have caused inScribe v1.89test^n to chock? I find v1.88 excellent to use. Will I successfully upgrade to v1.89 when it comes out of beta without trouble?