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Author/Date More Praise and a Request For Calendar Import
10/03/2007 12:01pm
I travel a lot and sometimes have an internet connection, sometimes don't. When I don't, I have to resort to internet cafes. A major problem with all the webmail systems I have tried (believe me I have tried a few) is that the mail you send is trapped forever in their "Sent" folders.

A very few webmail systems have an option to download the folders but my ISP (iiNet) steadfastly refuses to provide this option. That's fine unless you send anything with a legal aspect quotes, contracts, prices etc etc then you need to keep a copy.

Scribe to the rescue!!!! I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it is just what I need. The only problem was finding a suitable smtp relay. Yes I know if I read the help file I could have used Gmail.

After the end of my evaluation period I will most likely switch to Scribe (yes buy it as well) for all my email.

One thing would make it perfect for my use. The ability to import calendar items in a .csv text format. Then I could carry my whole world on a USB key from one internet cafe to the next :-)

Actually the ability to sync with a Palm Zire 71 would be even better but I assume there would be limited demand and it would be quite complex :-(
13/03/2007 6:30am
Calendar CSV? Never heard of it. What application reads/writes that?

Scribe supports the industry standard vCal/iCal files for import/export. Maybe the support could be better, but it mostly works. The demand for that is kinda low, 1 person in 7 years ;) But maybe if I exposed the CSV read/write code to the scripting language someone could write a script to do it.

As for syncing with mobile devices, I would if I could. If there was a reasonable API for 3rd party apps to hook into that supported a range of mobile devices for the purpose of syncing then I'd support it in an instant. But there isn't, all the device manufacturers are doing their own thing and guard the secrets of accessing their devices. Then publish woefully aweful interfacing software. *shudder*
13/03/2007 7:22am
A few PIMs offer a .csv export and there are third-party utilities for PALM Desktop - see No standard format just set the best possible mapping of fields between products.

PALM Desktop exports vCal files but only one appoinmtment at a time. My understanding is that Scribe also only imports one at a time via drag and drop (can't find a Tools option). I have sucessfully imported a PALM-exported vCal file into Scribe but only for a single appointment.

Yeah I know I have strange needs! My ISP tells me the same. I guess most people in my situation go for the total M$ Outlook solution... Scripting sounds like a good idea. Would be hapy to kick off an open source script.

Point taken on mobile devices. I naievly thought that PALM was more open :-(