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Author/Date change tray icon?
24/03/2007 8:25am

how change tray icon?
08/04/2007 7:54pm
hello! anyone home?? ;)
09/04/2007 7:37am
which os?
09/04/2007 7:39am
winXP sp2
09/04/2007 9:39pm
You'll have to get a win32 resource that can read/write to executable files. The icons are stored in Scribe.exe as resources.
10/04/2007 4:16am

i try this long time ago

used resource hacker, and i have error "this file has a non-standard resource layout it has probably been compresed with an EXE COMPRESSOR"

any other way to change tray icons..

why not give any option in inscribe? ;)
10/04/2007 4:52am
Ah yes, I do compress the exe. It saves on space and download bandwidth.

So that kinda leaves you with no options. I want the product to be easy to use and that in this case means going with the standard windows way of defining icons so they can't get lost/mis matched.

I also don't know how to convert sat a png to something I can use as a HICON for the tray icon. I'm sure it's possible but it's just more work, which isn't what I need right now.

My focus is getting the Mac port stable and feature complete (this is going well but it's hard work) and revamping the IMAP code.
10/04/2007 8:47am
after work i try this one

decompres all .exe :)