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Author/Date A new crash.....apostrophe in email address
28/05/2007 4:28am
I recently got a message which caused Inscribe to crash whenever I tried to view it. Turns out that the long list of recipients included one person who's email address had an apostrophe in it (ie., "john.O'"). By removing the apostrophe in an external text editor outside of Inscribe and importing the message back in everything worked fine again - except this one person's address. Can this be fixed?
28/05/2007 12:05pm
The work around for this is the delete or rename the MailPreview.html in the resources folder. But this removes the headers preview in the main window. Which might not be what you want.

There are several issues, first the crash. This has actually been fixed in the dev build. It's caused by unusually long strings in the "to" field. i.e. when the parsing breaks and instead of a normal email there is multiple emails in the one recipient.

So that is a separate issue caused by stray ' characters and so on. And I'm looking at that at the moment.