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Author/Date How can change email from last buy inscribe
28/05/2007 5:05pm
Hello fret,
I got the full version of inscribe in along time ago, this time I found the old email which registed inscribe and it lose, because i loss the password and forgot some secret info to recover that email account.
How can I change the billing email, pl help me.
05/06/2007 4:48am
Create an identity in one of your accounts and set that as the default?
06/06/2007 1:19pm
sorry, that mean I say is: I use to buy your i.Scribe and I don't use that email anymore, can I need to change it?
15/06/2007 2:41pm
alo, who can reply me?
05/02/2008 10:55am
fret, can you reply for me?
05/02/2008 11:00am
No you don't need to change it, it just enables the software. Use a different email in an indentity as your from address (i.e. setup an account, put your current email in the identity part and then select that identity in the main window's identity menu). Then all the mail you create and send will have the new email address in the from field.
23/02/2008 1:50pm
Dear Fret!
My old email using to buy your software: InScribe was not using anymore! Can I need to change it to receive your update email or information about next version: v2.x.
If I bought InScribe v1.x then in next version of Inscribe, can I have a discout? :D
24/02/2008 10:07am
Yes there will be a discount. For email notifications of product releases, use the "Account" option on the memecode site. Select i.Scribe and windows as your options. Easy.