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Author/Date request expantion of the save command
19/06/2007 6:27am
to include the option to script any subsequent required info, like jpg quality or opaque / background.
20/06/2007 5:09am
I've added an option string parameter to the "save" command in i.Mage that works like this:
save("c:\something.jpg", "quality=30");

The fields you can put in there are "Transparent", "Quality", "Fore" and "Back" in the form:
20/06/2007 5:11am
Oh and if you don't specify the values in there a dialog will appear for you to specify them as per a normal save session.
21/06/2007 5:46am
works for me!
and super fast response as allways, thank you fret!

only the .png save routines are broken in the new version, i'll go to the bugdb.