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09/07/2007 7:57am
I'm newbie of i.scribe and I'm using v.1.88 but I'd like to test for 1.89 test17. How to upgrade it without lost data?
09/07/2007 8:01am
Make a backup of your Scribe folder (copy it somewhere), then install the new version right over the top of your existing one... all your email and settings will remain.
09/07/2007 9:50am
I just upgraded my Win98 version of i.Scribe test 13 to test 17. I am having major troubles, though at this point hard to describe. Luckily I made a backup.
What I seem to observe is that when choosing 'delete' of a message, either the complete Mailbox 'In' is deleted and/or the application crashes.
09/07/2007 3:21pm
Win xp
No problems here with the new release - apart from two little strangenesses :
when loading up the first time the "Delete" icon was not showing, it was unchecked in the menu bar list (it's usually checked and showing) and the spell and spell setup icons don't show (yes, I did upgrade the plugin).
And thanks Fret for having "Fixed HTML messages showing the wrong images when another email has an attached image with the same filename" - that one really bugged me.
10/07/2007 1:51am
For delete make sure the list of email has the keyboard focus. If the folder tree has the focus it'll try and delete the currently selected folder. If you try and delete the root node on the folder tree it will crash. This is a bug which I'll fix shortly.

See all Bug #152.
10/07/2007 11:26am
Install test18 and it'll fix this by renaming all the old resources that confused Scribe.