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Gino Damen
09/07/2007 10:36am

The DEL-key doesn't work when I want to delete a message in the R17 version. I have to use the mouse or menu to accomplish this. The Home/End, PageUp/PageDown keys are working fine in the list.

09/07/2007 11:24am
I confirm. (See the previous thread/post.)
09/07/2007 4:42pm
I confirm this bug as well. I am running Test17 on Windows XP SP2. now I'll mosey on over to the BugDB and see if it's added there.
10/07/2007 1:43am
Thats weird, I tested v1.89-17 on XP and it works in a clean install. I did have some issues during testing with but I thought they were all sorted out. So far I've failed to reproduce the issue.

I've got a Win98 install in vmware that I just brought up to speed last night. So I'll test the del key in there as well.
10/07/2007 1:49am
See also Bug #152.
10/07/2007 5:18am
Can you try Test18 for me?
Gino Damen
10/07/2007 5:33am
Just tried R18 (InScribe) and no luck again. Run's fine, but no functioning DEL key (not the dedecated key and not the keypad key). I tested this on W2K SP4 installation (fully patched).

Gino Damen
10/07/2007 5:38am
Just pasted the XML code (it was already there) and no difference in behaviour

10/07/2007 5:42am
Can you look in your Scribe.txt file in the same folder as Scribe.exe and tell me what the last few lines that have "ScribeWnd::OnCommand" in them?
10/07/2007 6:44am
We are discovering that an out of date Scribe.lr8 is at fault in the bug db thread.

Can you search in your Scribe folder for files with the name 'Scribe.lr8'. You might find 2! If you do, delete the older one, which will be in the same folder as Scribe.exe, the newer one will be in the Resources sub-folder...

This should fix the issue :)
10/07/2007 7:17am
Thank-you so much for the help in fixing this problem. I am always impressed with the support that you as a single person is able to provide (Especially from the other side of the globe)
Gino Damen
10/07/2007 11:23am
Deleting the file you mentioned solved the issue. I'm very pleased with the support you provide. I also removed the txt-file so it can grow big again :-)


Gino Damen
Happy InScribe user.