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16/07/2007 11:51am
I'm trying to export my emails from inScribe v1.88. I'm moving away from the product because it crashed and erased all my account settings. That's painful when you have multiple email addresses. When I export I get the message "Couldn't initialize MAPI". I have a commercial version.
16/07/2007 11:21pm
You should find a copy of your options file called "ScribeOptions.bak" which you can rename to "ScribeOptions.xml" to restore lost settings.

Are you trying to export to Outlook or something else?
17/07/2007 3:31am
Damn I wish I new that at the time. I've switched to Thunderbird. I've done the rounds of Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, InScribe and back to Thunderbird again. InScribe got me excited but I'm not up to its level yet. I will come back when I'm better equipped to deal with problems. So I need to export to Thunderbird in one way or another. Should I install the latest Inscribe build and see it that works?
17/07/2007 7:25am
The best way to export to thunderbird is drag and drop your folders out to explorer (MBOX export) and them import them into thunderbird using it's MBOX import.