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21/07/2007 4:01am
Is spell checking broke in test 19?
I am running the latest published aspell plugin, Aspell is installed. The plugin loads correctly but when I go to do a spell check I get the error.

I get an error box that states the following:

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005
(todays date and time)

Call Stack:
00E41C5D: (path to scribe) aspell-win32\Scribe_Spell.dll
00460E9D: (path to scribe) Scribe.exe Offset: 0x2C64 (ItemFieldDef::Option)
1003C9Bf: (path to scribe) Lgi.dll Offset: -x48 (GToolButton::OnCommand)
21/07/2007 4:25am
Which version of Scribe is the plugin from? (you might need to upgrade it to the latest.)
21/07/2007 1:22pm
It's the latest one I could find at your site.

Seems I was trying to update a plugin for a Scribe install back-up I made way back when I reformatted my HD.

I put the aspell dll in the active scribe install and it's all good now.

Sorry to burn a thread ... =)