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Author/Date Can't Seem To Login To PopOverHttp Account or Delete same...
26/07/2007 9:36pm

I am working behind a http proxy and would like to be able to download my email so I set up a beta-PopOverHTTP account.

After trying every different setting I could think of in I Scribe I finally just tried logging in directly from Firefox and could not.

Then I tried deleting my account and got the No Such Account message.

Any ideas?

I am able to see the internet via FireFox on port 8080 after setting the HTTP proxy settings in the advanced tab under tools network.

I Scribe gives me a SocketError(0) Socket Disconnected (Could this be because I am unable to log into my PopOverHttp account?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


27/07/2007 2:08am
The hosting for has died. They changed the password so I can't login to the ftp site and modify anything and they won't respond to my emails so I'm not renewing the hosting and the site will go off the air in the next few weeks. I will keep the domain indefinately so the squatters don't pick it up.

Sorry, but no one was really using it. And I certainly wasn't seeing any return on investment.