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01/08/2007 12:20pm
This is my second try at getting some strange printing errors resolved in InScribe. On two networked printers I'm having different problems.
First, the Samsung laser printer I have at home is normally in a sleep (energy-saving) mode; if InScribe tries to print to it when it's in this state the program hangs completely (maybe because the printer takes ~20sec to wake up?); if the printer is already awake then printing works fine.
Second, a Konica at work does not 'see' a page feed command from InScribe when printing a multi-page e-mail; all of the pages are overlayed on top of each other (making for some difficult reading!).
All of my other software (ranging from lowly Notepad up to OpenOffice) works fine with both printers. Also, InScribe works fine with networked HP and Brother printers. Any help would be appreciated !
01/08/2007 11:04pm
Can you give me the particular model numbers? (maybe someone has a similar printer here I can test with)

Also have you tried installing more recent printer drivers?

Scribe follows a fairly simple model with printing, using the standard windows functions for StartDoc/EndDoc, and StartPage/EndPage. And it seems to work perfectly on the printers I have access to, which are mostly HP laserjets and canon laser/BJ's. Why other apps work and mine doesn't is a bit of a mystery.
05/08/2007 3:49am
The one at home is a Samsung ML-2150 with the newest drivers (tried that already); the work printer is a Konica Minolta Di2010 PCL6 (recently installed with up-to-date drivers).