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07/08/2007 2:19am
I just purchased InScribe, but I can't figure out how to set up a filter. The screen doesn't look anything like the screenshots on the website. I see no fields that I can select, and the conditions are greyed out. What am I doing wrong?

I downloaded v1.89 test 19, which is the same as the i.Scribe version I had been trying out. Yes, it does say InScribe now, with my name in brackets.
07/08/2007 2:27am
Start with the conditions tab, you should have a "And" in blue and "New" in grey. To add a initial condition click the gray dot on the to the left of "New". Now you should have a new medium gray bar with some fields to start refining the email that you want to filter. If you need more help, just ask.... and maybe add something about what you're trying to do with the filter?

Sorry, I'll have to update the filters screenshots.
08/08/2007 7:04am
New tutorial for creating a simple filter.