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Author/Date 1.89 Version 20- Buggy-Buggy-Buggy! Again...
10/08/2007 12:50pm
Unfortunately I have not had the chance to go beyond 1.89 V12,it's been the only stable version of Iscribe I've had since all of the new updates up to and including Version 20.

With 1.89v12 Scribe runs non-stop for months (4 months+ and counting) checking mail every 5 minutes, I get on average 200+ emails a day. I also use the filter and spam tagging with much success.

That being said, i would prefer to run the latest stable release, however it seems that "stable" and scribe don't get along together anymore.

After trying version 1.89 v20 for the past 24 hours , I've had 22 crashes, 2 lockups.Usually there is not even a runtime error I can handle/track. It just doesn't 'respond" and hangs or closes.I've had varying amounts of success with earlier version but none that have been as stable as 1.89 v12.

Being a Computer Repair/Network based business I appreciate the effort and time devoted to improving Scribe, but this past year has not invoked much sense of stability or improvements on any front. And the contiuned lack of a stable release makes me twitch at night, I hope I do not have to contune running v12 for the long haul... only time will tell.

- Darren
10/08/2007 1:30pm
Are you using SSL?

May I suggest installing the debug build of test20 and give me some idea where the software is crashing?
10/08/2007 2:36pm
No SSL, standard SMTP with login authentication (password).
I'll install the debug build and get back to you in 2 days with the results.

Thx -Darren
15/08/2007 10:35am
Ok I'm sitting here waiting patiently for you to try the debug build. As far as I'm concerned this is the only report of major problems in test20. So it's my highest priority thing to fix right now.

So have at it! You've got my full attention :)