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11/08/2007 4:42pm
Hi Fret,

Any chance the spell checker plugin can highlight the misspelled word and make changes in real time instead of having to click "finished" for the corrections to take affect?

When I hit send and the spell checker pops up and does it's thing, sometimes I'll forget to add a bit to the email and hit cancel. Then when I'm ready to send I end up having to check everything all over again.
11/08/2007 4:56pm
And one more request on Aspell; could the plugin be set up so the user can specify Aspell's location using relative paths? Then that would be as portable as InScribe.
12/08/2007 12:45am
Correction to my post:

It's not when I hit cancel after hitting send. Rather when I spell check then cancel.

On another note I think I found a bug:

I have Aspell set to check spelling before sending. If I hit send and spell check comes up with a unknown or misspelled word and then I hit cancel, it fails with an error "Failed plugin 'Aspell Text Pipe'

[189 test 20 of InScribe and Scribe_Spell.dll]