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12/08/2007 1:16pm
After I figured out how to upgrade InScribe instead of downgrading back to i.Scribe (thanks, Fret!), it appears that Test20 has introduced a new bug. Now all incoming emails are landing in the Spam folder. I checked and all my filters are still there and should be working, but they're not. And my Bayesian filtering options have not changed.

13/08/2007 3:00am
I'd switch off the bayesian filtering until we sort the issue out. I'd also try rebuilding the word databases (takes a while, esp if you've got lots of email).

If you select a random email in your inbox, and click Filters -> Analyse Selected Email what does it say? (on XP you can copy the contents of the msgbox using ctrl+c)
13/08/2007 10:14pm
Here are the Analyze Selected mail results for two emails from the same sender. The first one received into my inbox before Test20, and the second one in the Spam box today:

From my Inbox - received last week prior to Test20
Message Spam Probability:

[0] 'It'=0.500000
[1] 's'=0.500000
[2] 'John'=0.500000
[3] 'from'=0.500000
[4] 'Owner'=0.500000
[5] 'Locker'=0.500000
[6] ''=0.500000
[7] 'D'=0.500000
[8] 'Van'=0.500000
[9] 'Meter'=0.500000
[10] 'Hi'=0.500000
[11] ' '=0.500000
[12] 'Brian'=0.500000
[13] 'has'=0.500000
[14] 'shared'=0.500000
[15] 'your'=0.500000


From the Spam folder - received today (same sender as above)
Message Spam Probability:

[0] 'and I'=0.990000
[1] 'are nuts'=0.990000
[2] ' Yeah'=0.990000
[3] 'try!!'=0.990000
[4] 'tangled'=0.990000
[5] 'but I would keep'=0.990000
[6] 'duplicate'=0.990000
[7] 'so I'=0.990000
[8] 'hell!'=0.990000
[9] 'short-sleeve'=0.990000
[10] 'chilly'=0.990000
[11] 'sweatshirt'=0.990000
[12] 'misjudge'=0.990000
[13] 'Ewwww!'=0.990000
[14] 'canned'=0.990000
[15] 'RE'=0.500000



I'll turn off the Bayesian filter for now until this is resolved.