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23/08/2007 10:27am
Trend Micro's housecall identifies the lgi.dll as Generic_Grayware, so what's up with that ?
23/08/2007 11:31am
I don't even know what greyware is...

It's not the first time anti-virus companies have screwed up.
23/08/2007 12:19pm
Quote from Trend Micro website:

"Grayware is the Trend Micro general classification for applications that have annoying, undesirable, or undisclosed behavior.

Grayware applications do not fall into any of the major threat (i.e. virus or Trojan horse) categories as they are subject to system functionality, as well as user debate.

Some items in the grayware category have been linked to malicious activities, while others are used to provide users with targeted information in terms of product announcements."

I'm with you on the anti-virus-screwing-up-part.
But you might want to contact them about it. Trend Micro removed lgi.dll from my system, I had to download the zip to be able copy the dll again to my iscribe folder. No big deal, but annoying and a waist of bandwidth.