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23/08/2007 3:39pm
Hi, I used iScribe as an admin, but got wise and created another useraccount on XP.
The problem is that I can't use my folders.mail2 anymore. I even uninstalled iscribe from the admin account and 'installed' the zip in the new xp useraccount.
I get the "these folder are read only all new mail is lost"-error when starting up iscribe (fret:note the typo) and I get something like "can allocate space" further on.
Is there anyway to use my old mailfolder in iscribe under my new xp-account ?
24/08/2007 4:46pm
Got it to work finally, still don't know what went wrong.
I logged in as admin, backed up my folders.mail2, deleted iScribe (I use the zip), and removed the mailto entry from the registry.
Downloaded the zip again, extracted it, and copied the backup folders.mail2 to the iScribe-folder. Logged out, logged in under my new account and iScribe finally worked without protesting.