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11/09/2007 10:54am
I've noticed when viewing mail i can select view external images for certain mail and this setting is remembered, which is excellent. However if i select view images for a mail then navigate away from message then return the messages are not displayed again, i have to untick the retick view exteranl images. I read some post in the forums talking about an imagecache folder which i would expeect to cache these external images but i dont seem to have this folder and creating to had no effect. Is there something i'm missing?
I'm using Inscribe 1.89 test 21 on winxp sp2


ps i dont want external messages displayed for every mail only the ones i select.
11/09/2007 12:00pm
This is most likely a bug. I've seen it a few times myself.

The image cache folder has moved from under Scribe's folder to the "Scribe" sub-folder in your account's temporary folder.

i.e. c:\Documents And Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\Scribe\

I'll have a look at it later this week.
11/09/2007 12:23pm

no there was no folder in the local settings/temp and setting it made no difference.

on a side note, being a portable application i would expect the location to setable and default to the scribe folder.